Thursday, September 4, 2014

Statement Jackets - such a must have!

The 'Statement Jacket', that fashion piece that can transform an outfit and change it's tone entirely....I love them.  Wear a beautiful dress and you can look fabulous, team it with a denim jacket plus a pair of Converse to give you edgy and street.  The next time you want to wear something more stylish to a weekday lunch date, just try it.  Another pairing I love is my work blazer....err hang blazer? Yes I confess, I'm totally addicted to bodycon dresses....they can kinda look a little racy for work but team one with a blazer and hey 'I'm Miss Ward. How can I help you?'

Blazers don't have to look corporate: Take the same jacket out on one of those cool damp city shopping days when you're wearing jeans; so versatile.

Tired of wearing black? Faux leather doesn't have to be chic biker either. Think colours. Think neon brights :)

This gorgeous orange version came from Pull and Bear.

In fact, what I love about my jackets is their ability to be a cardigan substitute, coat, fashion accessory and utter complement to what might otherwise be a naff outfit choice.  Take a romper for instance: I just love the way that styling it with a faux leather jacket takes off any unwanted throwback to childhood.  Romper on it's own; little girl: Romper with jacket; all grown up! If in the end you're still not sure what to wear you can always slip on.....yes you've got it....


Jane xx

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