Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bare Essentials

It's coffee break - what can I write about?

'BARE ESSENTIALS'...who's idea was a title like that?  Let's be brutally honest here.  I'm the kind of girl who goes away for an overnight break and a evening out with at least five complete multi-co-rdinating outfits in her carry on as well as a fully stocked make up case, an extra pair of shoes dangling from her hand (just in case) and her shoulder bag topped up with spare perfume and a touch up kit. My version of 'bare essentials' is actually rather a lot.  This blog is not going to be about minimalism (unless you count lack of money!) but about just a few of the addictions that drive my life; those TOTALLY essential ones!

So let me see now; new blog, new blank pages, new start, just like the first day at school and college! Do you remember those nervous days when you had to be there extra early before everybody paired up with friends and decided where to sit? That all important day when friendships get made and set up for the year; when they decide who’s in and who isn’t. That’s all very well but OMG what am I going to wear?

When I started working (I work in a College!) I suddenly realised that it didn’t get any better.  True we were all a little older but now we have more money and that ups the stakes.  I’m an Additional Learning Needs Assistant on a paltry income and at times I struggle to keep up with fashion trends because of a HUGE lack of money! You too? Yeah, being a fashionista on a budget sucks.  So you became a Recessionista; that girl incessantly trawling the stores for bargain items that allow you to copy Kim Kardashian’s look or dress like Rita Ora. One thing this blog will do is to flag up how to get that look without taking out a small mortgage and where to find those coveted coupon codes that give you that much needed 25% discount of that ‘must have’ investment item! For me, sourcing great looks on a calorie controlled budget has become an essential addiction in itself.

So what else do I plan to write about?  Pretty much whatever else turns this girl on and gets her juices flowing; coffee and chocolate (particularly when consumed in coffee shops), gorgeous food, iconic interior design, wedding style, music (all on a budget), my boyfriend, making love, sex and relationships, keeping fit….don’t expect focus on one thing lol.  Focus is for those hard line, high flying bloggers with a gazillion plus page views and a trailing cloud of fragrant, gorgeously dressed and admiring followers: That’s SO not me.  I’m dizzy, multitasking, chaotic, random and sometimes naughty girl.  Welcome to my Happy World! If you care to follow me I’d be more than pleased to have you with me and tofollow you back.


Jane xx

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  1. I swear the new blog writing has made you look years younger! Braver than me, I decided to stop, being broke too, all I could write about would be all the hand me downs I now get from my girlfriends...

    I shall follow on email so that you can make me jealous.